Swag Awning Pole Set

The ultimate accessory for your 23ZERO swag.


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Product Overview

Constructed from robust galvanised steel, 23 ZERO Swag Awning Poles work perfectly with your 23 ZERO swag!

They allow the storm covers to be set up as awnings, thereby providing an area to keep your gear under, as well as protection from the elements while maximising ventilation. The two section poles are adjustable, making it easy to set up for rain run-off. Each set includes 2 swag awning poles, 2 pegs and 2 guy ropes. Easy to transport, simply place in the 23 ZERO’s swag bag when packed. The 23 ZERO swag awning poles may also be used on other swag models.

Features and Specifications

  • 2 piece wing nut adjustable poles
  • Pole length 720mm to 1400mm (approx)
  • Strong galvanised steel construction
  • 1 Set includes: 2 swag awning poles, 2 pegs & 2 guy ropes
  • 12 months warranty

* Due to our policy of continual product development, the specifications, colours and features may vary.


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