Introducing ECO13B

23ZERO has gone ‘GREENER’. We know our tents and awnings have always been a rugged green color that hides the dirt and dust that camping sometimes imposes. However, we seek to offer more environmental gains by producing a smaller environmental footprint in the manufacturing of our products with the introduction of our new sustainable ECO13B fabric. We will be slowly introducing the ECO13B across our range in 2023.

100% Certified Recycled Fabric

This fabric is 100% certified recycled 900D Polyester Oxford. It looks and feels exactly the same but it is produced using recycled PET bottles – to be more precise, 13 PET bottles are used in one square meter of fabric. What would otherwise be considered waste and headed for oceans and landfill, is now transformed into quality 23ZERO outdoor gear.

Leading Industry Sustainability

This fabric results in huge energy savings as well as significantly less petroleum and chemical use during fiber production. And, as we eliminated the cotton element, it further reduces the amount of fresh water needed to produce when compared to virgin polyester. This signifies reductions in waste and CO2 emissions to bring sustainability to our industry.


The durability, tear resistance, lightweight, quick-drying, stain-resistant and waterproof properties of this fabric are huge advantages and there is no change to our revolutionary LST™(Light Suppression Technology) feature with the introduction of ECO13B fabric – in fact, we have found it to have improved LST™ to better adhere to the fabric and even further reduce light penetration.