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Saber Shoe Pocket Rails


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Enhance Your Saber Tent Experience with our purpose-packed accessory sail track kit designed to complement your Saber tent. With a simple DIY installation, you can enjoy the convenience of attaching shoe pockets and other compatible accessories on both sides of the Saber rear tent entry.

Specifically tailored for Saber tents released prior to June 2023, our accessory sail track kit offers the following features and specifications:


  • Pair of coated aluminium sail track sections for durability and reliability.
  • 6 colour-coded rivets for easy installation and secure attachment.
  • Suited for sail rope sections up to 8mm, accommodating various accessory options.


  • Sail track section dimensions: 400mm L x 30mm W x 10mm ID Rope section Diameter
  • Weight: 500 grams.

Upgrade your Saber tent with our accessory sail track kit and unlock new possibilities for organisation and convenience during your outdoor trips.

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