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Raven 2500 Awning


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The new 23 ZERO range of Raven vehicle awnings have been carefully designed to enhance strength and rigidity. The new modern slim line design together with the one piece box extruded body frame makes The Raven one of the most compact and strongest awnings on the market. The main profile design and construction means The Raven does not require the use of inferior rivets ensuring the awning maintains its strength whilst secured on the vehicle at all times.

Full E-coated aluminium with up to 5 sail rope adaptable tracks allow for extension walls, strip lighting, annexes and gear pockets to easily attach.

Flexible hinges also prevent stress fatigue on rafter and leg poles.

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The Raven 2500 Pull-out awning also features 23 ZERO’s latest innovation – climate control Light Suppression Technology (LST)

LST is a uniquely formulated dark coating applied to the underside of the awning, the inside of the canvas awning walls and the inside of 23 ZERO roof top tents models effectively defusing sunlight and UV rays from passing through the awning canvas or entering the inside of the tent.

Engineered to be applied to 23 ZERO’s hard wearing polycotton canvas with a two pass process including an anti UV treatment, Light Suppression Technology provides the added benefit of keeping you cooler during hot summer days


  • New Slimline design with single box extruded aluminium awning body
  • Twin channel aluminium profile allows secure and space saving pole pack away
  • Aluminium profiles are finished with end caps ensuring no sharp edges are exposed
  • Unique LST coating to underside of awning canvas
  • Polyamide flexible hinges prevent stress on rafters and leg poles
  • 290gsm polycotton tear check canvas
  • 1500mm polyurethane coating ensuring abrasion, UV and mould resistance
  • 600gsm laminated PVC transit cover with #10 self-repairing coil zip
  • Mounting kit included
  • 2 year warranty


Open – 2500mm L x 2500mm W x 2000m H

Packed – 2550mm L x 100mm W x 130mm H

Weight – 10.8Kg

Additional information

Weight 14.00 kg
Dimensions 2620.00 × 130.00 × 130.00 mm

1 review for Raven 2500 Awning

  1. Adan Tully

    Fantastic Awning! Loving the LST. Can’t wait to try it on a hot day. Very well build but still compact when rolled up with the cover on it.

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