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Dakota 1400. S4


In stock (can be backordered)


The new DAKOTA 1400 Series 4 rooftop tents are designed to offer a comfortable, well-equipped, and environmentally friendly camping experience. Offering Its array of new features, specifications and durable construction making it a suitable choice for those seeking protection from various weather conditions while enjoying the great outdoors.


Size Options: The tent series provides multiple size options, with the 1400 model offering a standard double-size bed equivalent, catering to various camping needs.

The Series 4 tent’s new petrochemical-free slim aluminium honeycomb base is a remarkable addition, offering numerous advantages over inferior sandwich-style base board construction:

No Delamination: Unlike inferior sandwich-style base board constructions that can suffer from delamination over time, the petrochemical-free slim aluminium honeycomb base is designed to remain intact. This ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.

Impressive 500 kg Load Rating: The base’s impressive 500 kg load rating underscores its exceptional strength and load-bearing capacity. This high load rating ensures that the tent can support heavy loads without structural issues.

Reduced Noise: Compared to inferior sandwich-style base boards, the slim aluminium honeycomb base generates less noise when in use. This quieter construction enhances the camping experience, particularly in quiet outdoor settings.

The Series 4 tent’s petrochemical-free slim aluminium honeycomb base is a significant improvement that ensures durability, strength, rigidity, and reduced noise compared to inferior sandwich-style base board constructions. It adds to the overall quality and performance of the tent, making it a reliable and comfortable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

New Eco-Friendly Textile : The tent is constructed using advanced environmentally friendly engineered ECO13B certified textile, ensuring both durability and eco-consciousness.

Sturdy Frame: With a robust 25mm aluminium tube frame that pivots on stainless steel yokes, the tent offers stability and strength, crucial for rooftop camping.

Ventilation: Full-width 180-degree side windows and star-gazing roof windows deliver excellent ventilation and scenic views. An adjustable tropical fly helps control condensation and maintain constant airflow inside the tent.

Comfortable Mattress: The tent includes a comfortable 60mm open-cell high-density foam mattress with a quilted washable cover for a good night’s sleep during your outdoor adventures.

Climate Control: Equipped with 23 ZERO’s trade marked popular Light Suppression Technology (LST), the tent helps regulate the internal climate, enhancing comfort.

Compatibility: Designed for convenience, the tent can be easily fitted to most commercial roof racks and comes with a 2300mm round telescopic extendable aluminium ladder suitable for vehicles with up to 4 inches of lift.

Sky Window: The inclusion of a full zip-down dual sky windows allows for stargazing, adding to the overall camping experience.

Additional Space: An optional Dakota 1400 annex can be added to provide extra storage space or a separate sleeping area, expanding your camping options.

Leak Prevention: The tent is heat-sealed to prevent leaks, and the seams are sealed to keep moisture out, ensuring a dry and comfortable interior.

Durable Frame: The internal frame is made of 25mm diameter aluminium with a polyester sheath, and it features cast aluminium frame lugs for added durability. The anti-corrosive stainless-steel centre-pivoting yoke enhances frame strength.

Transit Cover: A 510gsm PVC transit cover with D-ring compression straps is included for easy storage and protection during travel.

Accessories: The tent comes with a mounting kit, and installation instructions for added convenience.

LED Lighting: Featuring LED lighting, the tent ensures illumination at night, making it easier to navigate and enjoy your camping experience.

Warranty: The tent is backed by a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.



  • Open Dimensions: 2400mm L x 1400mm W x 1150mm H
  • Packed Dimensions: 1220mm L x 1400mm W x 240mm H (+90mm ladder gusset)
  • Tent Weight: 58.6 kg
  • Optional Annex Weight: 9 kg


Before considering the purchase of a Roof Top Tent, it’s essential to fully comprehend the following factors:

  1. The maximum roof load rating of your vehicle (refer to the specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer).
  2. The maximum load capacity of your roof rack, including its off-road capabilities (consult the roof rack manufacturer or seller for this information).
  3. Understand that the maximum allowable weight you can safely add to your vehicle’s roof or cargo area may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as any aftermarket additions such as roof racks or bars.

Please be aware that off-road load limits for roof racks can significantly differ from their standard road use load ratings.

4. Additionally, please note that due to the size of the carton, delivery will be made to the nearest courier depot for your convenience.

Additional information

Weight 67.00 kg
Dimensions 145.00 × 30.00 × 125.00 mm

1 review for Dakota 1400. S4

  1. Jake

    Awesome RTT! Great quality for a good price. The LST works really well and is a nice addition. Easy to set up and pack down. First time using it poured rain the entire night, tent held up great. Had an issue with the zipper (entirely my fault) contacted 23zero and they sent me a part out straight away. Excellent customer service guys, really appreciate it. Can’t recommend this tent and company enough?

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